Shades N Lights

  • Exprience throughout 4 different continents and 12 different countries.
  • Your next event will not only have the latest in tehcnology and innovation but also the best quality and price
  • We specialize in all of LED Technology products and a great variety of special event items.
  • Providing the custom option on all of our products to make a long lasting memory of your next event.
  • Constantly on the search for innovation and reliability.
  • Accessibility to new technology without compromising quality.
  • Consulting services for any event.
  • We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best and most reliable products so they can have the best possible experience.
  • Our wide variety of products allows us to accommodate to any budget and event.
Let us take your event to a new level of experience, let us bring your party to life!
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